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You have a story.

You’ve had first dates, first kisses, butterflies in your stomach, inside jokes, favorite breakfast cafes, and a million secrets we will never know. Your futures will hold a lifetime of joys and sorrows; vacations and mortgages, fights and grief, roadtrips and laughter. You may take risks to chase your dreams, see the Northern lights, hold each other through painful seasons, or experience the joy of a growing family.

For all this and more, we don’t believe in cookie cutter films. We take a caring, customized approach with all of our couples and take on a limited amount of weddings each year to give each story the time, heart, and attention it deserves. We likely won’t be there to capture many of the moments we mentioned above, but we may be there for the day you say yes to all of it– the day you choose the adventure of sharing a life together, forever. We honor this privilege by creating films that not only capture the joy of your beautifully wild, once-in-a-lifetime day, but that that honor the depth of your story together.

We love working with couples who embrace the wild, sacred adventure of marriage– those who are ready for the joy of today and the challenge of tomorrow. Those who embrace the wind in their hair, the flower girl who can't make it down the aisle, and all the unplanned giggles, tears & bad dance moves. Our films are for those who aren't afraid to make their wedding day as unique as they are, who value relationships & interactions more than material details, and who just can’t wait to start and end each day with their BFF. Our films are for those who put care and intention in the words they promise each other, and believe their story is worth honoring.

These are the stories we love to tell, and we’re so glad you’re here.

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The Beach

2 Cinematographers
8 Hours of Coverage
5-7 Minute Final Film
1 Minute Teaser
Edits of Full Speeches
High Quality Audio
Licensed Music


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The Desert

2 Cinematographers
8 Hours of Coverage
8-10 Minute Final Film
1 Minute Teaser
Edits of Full Speeches
High Quality Audio
Licensed Music





Raw Footage — $300

Throughout the wedding day we film hundreds of clips that are about 5-30 seconds in length- all shot with your final film in mind. While we make sure to include all of the best moments in your film, we also offer the option of purchasing raw footage to look back on. 

This add-on package includes all usable raw/uncut clips of the day categorized by event & delivered to you with your final film.

Drone Footage — $400

For a unique bird’s eye view of your epic wedding location, we offer the option of having 4k aerial drone coverage taken of your venue & surrounding landscape to include in your wedding highlight film.

This footage would be captured outside of our scheduled 8 hour timeline with you (usually on the morning of your wedding day), to ensure that we are fully present and free of distraction (gear included!) during our time together.

Additional Hours — $300/hr.

Want to keep us around for the party and grand exit? Or have us come early to capture your morning surf and mimosa brunch? Count us in.

We are happy to lengthen our standard 8 hour timeline with you at an additional hourly rate. As you start working out the schedule of your day, we would love to help you determine the best timeline for us so we can be there for the moments that mean the most!

PS– Don’t worry, additional hours can always be added on later on.

Ceremony — $500

Gone are the days when wedding videos were a VHS tape of your ceremony filmed by Uncle Bob. While we’re glad to live in a time where wedding videography is so much more, there’s still something so special, sacred & nostalgic about getting to re-watch your ceremony from start to finish.

If that got you a little weepy, this add-on package includes a separate short edit of your ceremony filmed in full. The ceremony is captured from a third camera on a tripod in the back of your ceremony site & paired with clear, high definition audio of you and your officiant.




What is your shooting style?

We are natural light, story-driven videographers who focus on capturing authentic moments. We believe good storytellers are attentive, intentional and subtle – leaving sacred white space for you to feel, cry, dance, laugh and enjoy the precious moments you're in with the people you love the most. These are the honest moments we strive to honor and capture, so if we forget to shoot your shoes or your cake topper it's likely because we were caught documenting your mom drying your dad's tears or your grandpa taking you out to the dance floor. 

On your wedding day, you should be focused on enjoying yourself and not worrying about a camera in your face. We treat your wedding day as documentary rather than a production set, and strive to blend in and capture all the "real" moments. We specialize in unobtrusive videography and don't use large equipment or artificial lighting so we don't distract from what matters most: YOU and your wedding day!

Who will be with us on our day?

While we are a husband/wife film company, we have different roles. On the wedding day, we always work in teams of two, Caitlin plus an assistant shooter. Once your wedding has been filmed, we each play a part in the editing process and every film is carefully crafted by the both of us.

How do you work with our photographer?

We work very closely with photographers, and a lot of the weddings we film are actually from referrals from our photo friends (feel free to ask yours if we've worked with them before)! We understand that their work is a huge part of capturing your day, and we make sure they have the space to direct and do their job well. Time on your wedding day is priceless, so most of what we shoot is candid and shot alongside the photographer (and we hope you'll feel like you're working with one team and not two!).

How do you make sure you know what we want?

We’d love to spend time getting to know you, hearing your story & your vision for your film! If you live in the Orange County area, we'd love to grab coffee – and if you're not, we usually like to set up a phonecall/facetime/skype – whatever you are most comfortable with!

After you book with us, we'll send over a questionnaire. This helps us get to know more about you, your aesthetic, your relationship and key details about your day.

What do you require to book?

To book your date, we require a $1,000 booking deposit and the remainder due two weeks before your wedding day.

We know how much wedding expenses can add up, and are more than happy to accommodate payment plans upon request!

How do you capture audio?

We record all ceremony, reception and other scheduled audio on a few pieces of equipment (lapel mics, mounted microphones on our cameras, and working with the DJ & his soundboard). This makes sure you are getting the highest quality sound possible from several different sources.

For letter readings, messages to each other in the morning, or any other planned audio events outside of the ceremony & reception, please let us know so we can make sure to give it the space in the day it deserves. 

Can we choose our own music? 

We believe it's our job to find the perfect marriage between your taste and our storytelling style. When we book with you, we'll ask you all about your music preferences, your favorite artists, and even if you prefer strings over ambient beats or vice versa. This gives us helpful insight as we start curating music for your film!

Because we license our music legally, this means we can be a bit limited in our options and can't always accommodate specific song/artist requests – but this also means that we are honoring the brilliant and hard-working artists who created the music for your film (by paying them!). We love searching for songs we think you'll love & will flow perfectly in your film!

Are there any pieces of the day that you don't film? 

Yes. We typically do not include "posed" shots of you two or your family/bridal party, so when the photographer is taking posed/formal photos of your family, we usually use this time to capture a few in-between moments as well as get supplemental venue footage & detail footage for your film. We also do not place a huge focus on static details (i.e. shoes, rings, cake, etc. – unless specifically requested), and instead try to incorporate more movement & shots of you & your loved ones interacting with the details & each other. Lastly, we do not take any shots of food or people eating… cuz that would be weird.

When can we expect to receive our final film?

You can expect to receive your film within 10-12 weeks of your wedding day, and your teaser within 6-8 weeks.

After a typical wedding day (8 hours of shooting), we usually end up with over 100GB of footage, 500+ video clips. Between organizing your footage, syncing footage and audio, sourcing music, color correction & grading, and carefully piecing your wedding footage together to re-create your wedding day, editing can take up to 40 hours over the course of up to 3 months. We don’t take shortcuts when it comes to this part of the process, and give every couple our very best! We'll send you a private, password protected Vimeo link (so we can be sure you are the first ones to see it!), and from there we will make it public so you can share it with the world. You'll be able to download your film directly from Vimeo as many times as you'd like, and we’ll also send you a digital folder with your film, teasers & any other extras from your package.