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If you have more than one venue (for ceremony and reception), please list both – as well as any special instructions:
If you know them already :) If not, don't worry!
Getting to know you (and your wedding day!)
How did you meet? What do you do for a living & what are you most passionate about? When it comes to marriage, what are you most excited for? How do you spend your favorite days together? (Feel free to answer those or take your own direction!)
Tell us about your vision for your day & what you're most excited about!
The style of my wedding day is...
Please check all that apply!
Video Preferences:
A few additional questions that might be helpful to get you thinking: What is most important for us to communicate through the video? What vibes or feelings do you want us to get across? When you look back on your video five years from now, what do you want to see? Are there any videos we've previously filmed that you particularly like – and why? Feel free to say as much as as little as you'd like here!
Have you seen any other wedding films you particularly love that you'd like to share with us?
If there are specific video shots you'd like to request for your film, please share them with us here!
On a similar note, is there anything you maybe want included, but represented very little in the film? Examples: clips of guests, kissing footage, etc. (disclaimer: not against those things, just giving examples!)
We believe the best thing we can do as your videographers is to allow you to be present and enjoy each other without even noticing we're there, while we quietly capture all of your precious moments like secret ninjas. We only direct you when we need to, but please let us know if there is anything specific you’d like us to capture or direct (a few common examples we get are: slow dancing outside, running through a field together, etc.)
Audio Preferences:
We use separate high definition audio equipment in addition to our camera gear (clip-on lavalier mics for the officiant & groom, a recorder in your DJ's soundboard, etc.) to ensure you are getting the highest quality sound possible. Because we record audio separately for certain moments of the day (i.e. ceremony, letter readings, speeches, etc.), we'd love to know if you would like any audio/voice incorporated in your final film – or if you'd prefer your final film to be accompanied by music only.
Music Preferences:
Important (please read before continuing): As major music lovers over here, this part of the questionnaire is probably our favorite. We realize that it also probably requires some context before you proceed (which you may have already read a bit about on our FAQ!). When it comes to music, we believe it's our job to find the perfect marriage between your taste & style and the flow of your film/our storytelling style. In this part of the questionnaire, we'll ask about your music preferences, your favorite artists, and the songs you're excited to incorporate into your special day. This all gives us super helpful insight as we start curating music for your film! Based on all the information you share with us below, we head to our favorite music licensing sites to search through pages on pages of music that we think you'll love & will fit perfectly with your film– and even create a custom playlist for you that we narrow down from during editing. Because we license our music legally, that means we're a bit limited in our options and can't always accommodate specific song/artist requests – but it also means that we are honoring the brilliant and hard-working artists who created the music for your film (by paying them!) and that we are using music that is able to be licensed legally (which means we are also running our business legally/ethically, and won't be at risk for getting sued or having our account or films taken down on vimeo or instagram). If you're a fellow music buff and want to peek around the licensing sites we use to see if there are any songs you love, we totally welcome that (but definitely don't expect it!). If you have any questions about this, please let us know. We're excited to hear all about the music you love and hunt down the perfect songs for your film!
I prefer:
I love:
I prefer music that:
Okay, so we won't put your wedding film to screamo (lol) but would love to hear if there are any styles of music you are NOT into. Please share your music preferences that might *realistically* be considered for a wedding film (i.e. if you aren't a fan of instrumentals, certain kinds of lyrics, anything that sounds country-ish, etc. – just examples!).
i.e. your first dance song, recessional song, cake cutting song, etc.
Yay! You're finished!
Thank you so much for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire and sharing a little bit about yourselves, your day, and your future wedding film with us! Now that we have this information, you are all set to go until your wedding day gets a little closer (unless there are any details or questions you or your wedding planner (if applicable) would like to connect with us on. We are always up for a chat and always available via email (or coffee if you are around the OC area!) if you need anything at all. You can expect to hear from us about 2 months before your wedding day with an additional questionnaire that will cover a lot of the nitty gritty details of your wedding day (locations, schedule, etc), and don't worry– there will also be space to re-visit some of these questions again if there are any changes or big ephiphanies in a few months :) Thank you so much again for your time & for inviting us into your love story. We could not be more excited to be a part of your big day!